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Dr. Scott Lively, Springfield, Massachusetts - "In my view the "No on 3" effort is the most important issue on the ballot in Massachusetts. This is America, and people have the right to believe and advocate for whatever they choose within the limits of the First Amendment. However, it is outright malfeasance for government to indulge fantasy in public policy! The threat of transgenderism goes far beyond men using women's bathrooms. Transgenderism is a self-evident mental disorder that must not be legitimized by government.
"The notion that human beings can change their sex with costumes and/or surgery is simply irrational. Allowing blatantly irrational political activists (like anti-family zealot Maura Healey) to contradict scientific reality in public policy is insane.
"Consider just how completely irrational these liberal activists are. In one breath they insist that gender (defined and set by DNA) is actually fluid and changeable. In the next breath they insist that "homosexual orientation" (defined by subjective self-perception) is actually fixed and unchangeable. Two side-by-side contradictory assertions, both essential to their argument, never publicly challenged. We can't allow these people -- or the "Republicans" who pander to them -- to set our public policy."
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Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Lively endorses Vote No to 3

Paul Feeser, Dallas, Texas - This is at best a disorder. The "movement" is not about insanity, stupidity, or ignorance, though all are present. It is certainly not well intended. It is deliberate, and supremely hostile. With government as its vehicle, it is worst of totalitarianism. We must resist.

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